Work hard to push boundaries

but don’t forget to smell the roses every now and then.


no goals = no drive = mediocre life,

and who rates that?


(Merbabu, March 2016)


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…Que sera, sera

Whatever will be, will be

The future’s not ours to see

Que sera-sera

What will be, will be…

That’s approximately the song lyric which was performed by Doris Day in the movie “The Men Who Knew Too Much” (1956).

I like the way the song want to show us that we need never care about the future unless we enjoy all the “footsteps” along the journey. We may, sometimes, feel that our future is really far enough, as we try to chase after it, it becomes further with the obstacles all over the road. But here is the thing, when everything seems hard, hopeless, and there is no way to escape, desperate, all that torubles makes us feel terrible, but hey, the more gloomy we are, the worst the problem. So why don’t we take breath, put a smile, think the happy moment in the past or/and happy moment that we know WILL HAPPEN at the future, which is always there, as we find it so amuse and interest us, instead of running around, frown face, blow mind. And yet, do the best you can of whatever you ask to do at this very moment.


Yogyakarta, Apr 2016

Don’t worry, about the thing, cause every little thing is gonna be okay. If it is already dark enough, it means that the morning is nearly come. We have no control of what we will become at the future, but we can satisfy enough by the learning and experiences along the road. and i think that is what the most matter. If we fail, try again. They who never fail, never learn. You may assume that every time you fail, every time you learn something new. and by that, you can find and create another ways more effective to achieve your dreams by the mistake you had before. the more we fix and accomplish problems and obstacles ahead, the more significant our skills, experiences, and the more mature we are.

So just be it, don’t burden yourself up. Do what we gotta do. Never worry what the results may come. Worry about what fear we will feel.

And that’s exactly the best experience human being can learn.

Happy life!

nb: Wrote while listenig to Jason Mraz “Details in the Fabric”.


(Being in draft long time ago, and it’s still worth the reading, enjoy!)

Happy Thought


The Five People You Meet in HeavenThe Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Orang pertama yang ditemui Eddie:

“Bahwa tidak ada kejadian yang terjadi secara acak. Bahwa kita semua saling berhubungan. Bahwa kau tidak bisa memisahkan satu kehidupan dari kehidupan lain, sama seperti kau tidak bisa memisahkan embusan udara dari angin”

Tidak ada kehidupan yang sia-sia. Satu-satunya waktu yang kita sia-siakan adalah waktu yang kita habiskan dengan mengira kita hanya sendirian.”

Orang kedua yang ditemui Edie:

“Pengorbanan adalah bagian dari kehidupan. Harusnya begitu. Bukan sesuatu untuk disesali. Tapi sesuatu untuk didambakan. Pengorbanan kecil. Pengorbanan besar. Seorang ibu bekerja keras agar anaknya bisa sekolah. Seorang anak perempuan pindah rumah untuk merawat ayahnya yang sakit.”

Orang ketiga yang ditemui Eddie:

“Kau mendapat kedamaian, setelah kau berdamai dengan dirimu sendiri”.

Orang keempat yang ditemui Eddie:

“Cinta seperti hujan, bisa menyuburkan dari atas, menghujani pasangan dengan keceriaan. Tapi kadang-kadang, dalam panasnya kehidupan, cinta seolah kering di permukaan dan harus tergantung pada akarnya yang tertanam dalam untuk membuatnya tetap hidup.”

Dan orang kelima, orang terakhir yang ditemui Eddie, melengkapkan pencarian tentang dirinya, melengkapkan batu-batu kisah hidupnya, di bawah permukaan, saling menyentuh. Ia merasakan dirinya mulai melarut, dan ia merasa tidak perlu menunggu lama, apa pun yang akan datang setelah lima orang kautemui di alam baka, sudah dekat sekali padanya sekarang.

Temukan setiap makna dari setiap pertemuan Eddie dengan 5 orang yang ditemuinya di alam baka. Dan sambil bercermin dan berkontemplasi, sudahkah kita memikirkan “siapa” 5 orang (atau lebih) yang akan kita “temui” kelak?

Bahwa setiap kehidupan mempengaruhi kehidupan berikutnya, dan kehidupan berikutnya itu mempengaruhi kehidupan berikutnya lagi, dan bahwa dunia ini penuh dengan kisah-kisah kehidupan, dan semua kisah kehidupan itu adalah satu.

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Beauty Borobudur


they call it sacred statue
some call it a textbook place to review
or Buddhanese prayer view

i’d like to call it “history”
as it keeps the old story
of ancestor life silenty
from ancient dynasty
remains its purity

Something that has remarkable stroy and historical value
is worth the seeing

Beauty Borobudur

Yogya – Magelang (2011)

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HELP ME, Indonesian!

You are a well-educated person, always be faithful to the right thing

(Kau terpelajar, bersetialah kepada yang benar)

Pramoedya Ananta Toer – Bumi Manusia

At the ending of anonymous reviewer’s review, about a good reading book called “Arus Balik: Sebuah Epos Pasca Kejayaan Nusantara di Awal Abad 16” that was written by a stunning famous Indonesian writer, Pramoedya, i was a little shocked with the quotes below and it doeas really open my eyes:

“Do we just an ordinary people who just know to chant ‘IN-DO-NE-SIA’ at the edge of the field in the middle of football game? or do we just an ordinary protesters who just know to scream “BRING-THAT-PARLIAMENT-DOWN”?”

we can do a lot more than that in many ways now!

by committing to work for Indonesia, means want to do anything for its sake, and yet there will be a million ways to do that. Even from the smallest action you can do with your smallest thing you have, can produce a worth contribution. i, my self, do believe that as long as you love your country there is no way to say that you are out of things to do”.

It can be anything, you can do it through your job, especially if it is merely your passion (and lucky you then), through your family or people around you, even through your daily activities.

 where does Indonesia go to?

I do believe that if each of us try to make Indonesia as a better place to live, as a whole body, it will make a great differences and, of course, impact! just imagine, if someone throw trash at the right place and chose the correct recycle bin, it will make a change. Guess what happen if all of us do that from our own awareness, how many differences that we can make. That is the result of working together for mankind and country’s goodness. yet, it is our responsibility though. not just for our country, but a whole world generally. We only live in one planet.

One of the consultant from South Korea at my office once said about his astonishment of why this country (Indonesia) has not become as the developed country yet (distinguish with the developing country), stand as high as its neighbor Malaysia, Singapore, and philippine. although it’s well known as one of the most densest people for a country and variety of natural resources that envied others. what actually is wrong with this country?

I simply can not answer directly to that question. Confuse rather it is a difficult or complicated question. it is like the rhetorical question, or maybe the cynical question, or maybe the challenge question? it really burns me out.

All i said to my self that i will not let this happen again, this question, this lower question (from my subjective interpretation). As i promise to my self, that i will do something to make the difference. everything i could do to make them believe that this condition will not last forever. that if we can do something, it will make a change. I will start from now, i will start this time, and i will use anything i have.

It’s too late to sit around and wait for somebody to do something someday. Someday is now and that somebody is you.

and in the end. the one who will stand last is the one who conquer their dream.

that is the commitment.

what will you do for Indonesia, anyway?

“For a struggling nation, there is no journey”s end”

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